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Superior workmanship is what sets Gemtress apart. Our wigs are hand-tied to give you unmatched superior quality and comfort over store bought wigs. Gemtress designs are naturally beautiful, comfortable, stylish, innovative, and lustrously detailed with rich color and distinctive highlights. Gemtress' trademark attention to detail is characteristic throughout all of our collection. All of our hair products are so realistically designed; they mimic nature at its best.
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LA GEM LOGOTYPE black 500x188 - La Gem Gemtress hair design for women

Discover La Gem hair care products.

La Gem hair care product line is specially formulated for the care and conditioning of human hair and synthetic fiber wigs. La Gem is made with a perfect blend of botanical ingredients that keeps hair lustrous and looking healthy. 

Gemtress wig design shown: Solitaire

solitaire - La Gem Gemtress hair design for women


Turquoise Clarifying Shampoo for Synthetic Fiber

The select balance of natural ingredients removes organic residue and pollutants that can make your synthetic fiber look dull and lifeless. Leaves hair clean, fresh, shiny and full of body.

Pearl Shampoo for Human Hair

Gently care for your chemically treated hair everyday with our Pearl Shampoo. Made with a selected balance of ingredients that boost shine and leaves you with clean, manageable, tangle–free hair.

Chrysolite Balancing Shampoo for Human Hair

Beauty and balance come from the perfect blend of botanical extracts that provide two-fold benefits. Gently cleanses away organic oils, and improves elasticity and strength, leaving hair more manageable.

Citrine Clean Dry Shampoo

This unique revolutionary formula of enzymes will eliminate odor and remove oil from both hair and scalp and is an excellent scalp stimulant for women experiencing thinning hair. This dry shampoo is ideal for hospital and nursing home patients.

la gem shampoos 493x500 - La Gem Gemtress hair design for women


Jade Leave-In Conditioner for Human Hair

Leaves your hair smooth without build-up making it easier to brush and style. Contains sunscreen to protect your hair against color loss, sun damage, and harmful UV rays.

Pearl Conditioner for Human Hair

Wheat derived conditioners provide instant detangling and hydrates thirsty hair without adding weight. Helps control flyaways leaving hair silky smooth and manageable.

conditioners group silo cmyk 258x500 - La Gem Gemtress hair design for women


Diamond Glass for Human Hair

Gives new life to dull or dry hair and brings highlights to a radiant shine and eliminates frizzy ends. This natural shine‑enhancer provides a balanced blend of ingredients including silk Amino Acids.

Sapphire Styling Spray for Human & Synthetic Fiber

Builds body and provides a soft hold for any style. Can be used as a thermo‑styling spray prior to blow‑drying. Contains UV sunscreen to help protect hair from sun damage.

Emerald Finishing Mist

A fine mist spray that secures strands with a light touchable finish and creates a barrier between hair and damaging UV rays. For easy restyling, just spray with water. Easy to brush out.

finishing group silo cmyk 331x500 - La Gem Gemtress hair design for women


Turquoise Conditioning Mist for Synthetic Fiber

Formulated with Kaneka Oils that improve the condition of the synthetic fibers. It prevents breakage, restores elasticity for strength and endurance and makes styling easy.

Garnet Reconstructor for Human Hair

Rebuilds proteins, vitamins, minerals and adds moisture to chemically damaged and abused hair strands. Contains  hair keratin, wheat protein and silk Amino Acids that improves hair’s elasticity and shine.

Amethyst Normalizing Spray for Human Hair

To be applied after perming, bleaching or color processing and formulated to remove harmful residue trapped in the cuticle. Wash your hair with Pearl Conditioner and then mist with Amethyst Normalizing Spray for easy styling.

PLEASE NOTE: *Turquoise Shampoo and Turquoise Conditioning Mist are specially formulated for synthetic wigs only.

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Want to learn more or where to find La Gem hair care products at a fine retailer near you?

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