Venezia 3 - Gemtress Gemtress hair design for women

Gemtress Hair Designs

Superior craftsmanship is what sets Gemtress apart. Our wigs are hand-tied to give you unmatched superior quality and comfort over other wigs. Gemtress designs are naturally beautiful, comfortable, stylish, and lustrously detailed with rich color and distinctive highlights.

Azalea 1000x1000 - Gemtress Gemtress hair design for women

Our Products

All Gemtress products feature the finest hair and synthetic fiber, which are meticulously hand-tied for an unmatched, natural look and superior comfort. Our designs use only the softest, lightweight materials to ensure the ultimate in comfort and natural appearance.

hairloss in women 1 - Gemtress Gemtress hair design for women

Hair & Scalp Therapy

In short, Head First is hair loss prevention. The causes of your hair thinning or hair loss can be identified by drawing up a complete scalp assessment, including an analysis of your scalp using a sophisticated micro-camera and a unique software.