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About Gemtress

When it comes to women with any stage of hair loss, we recognize how vital the perfect hair enhancement design must be. This is why all of our Gemtress wig designs are meticulously crafted to emulate nature at its best. The same can be said about our Syntress synthetic wigs. The materials and craftsmanship that goes into every wig and hair enhancement offers unmatched superior quality and comfort.

Gemtress is committed to providing you with top quality products using only the softest and lightest materials for the ultimate in comfort along with a beautiful & natural look! Our Gemtress brand contains a full line of 100% European hair, 100% human hair, Syntress synthetic fiber with a variety of textures in an array of vibrant colors. We also offer a full line of hair care products and accessories created specifically for Gemtress wigs.

Our European hair designs are hand-tied using the finest 100% European hair featuring highlights, shine, bounce and softness. European hair is the obvious choice for your discerning clients who want the very best and most natural look.

Our human hair designs feature a full line of 100% hand-tied remy and human hair enhancements. They include many versatile cap options; from full‑cap, ¾ cap and top‑of‑head for those women experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, or undergoing chemotherapy.

Our synthetic wig designs are created with a special blend of Syntress fibers that have the closest look and feel to human hair. These designs are available in a variety of cap constructions that provide unmatched quality and comfort. Syntress wigs are ideal for the medical hair loss client as well as for the woman who desires minimum care.


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TressAllure’s ready-to-wear wigs are beautiful and available in an array of luminous colors offering women naturally gorgeous shade variations. The designs are meticulously crafted with advanced materials and fibers that perfectly mimic radiant, natural looking hair. They are custom designed for unparalleled comfort and a secure fit. Styles are evolving fast and the TressAllure collection provides a new assortment of glamour by creating looks that are stunning and natural meeting that demand.

At TressAllure, we stay committed to maintaining the standard of excellence we have always set in the wig marketplace ensuring a positive customer experience.

TressAllure is everything a woman desires, demands and deserves!

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