AnaGize Final - Anagize Gemtress hair design for women

AnaGize™ Hair Therapy for women is a series of hair and scalp products created to fight the causes of hair loss.

While the majority of hair loss is caused by an excess of DHT in the scalp, there are other metabolic and systemic factors that can lead to excessive hair loss. The AnaGize Healthy Hair and Scalp Regimen addresses these causes as it relieves androgenic or hormone related factors.

The AnaGize Regimen

AnaGize is conveniently prepared in three separate daily regimen kits, Bio-Acitve Serum, 2% Minoxidil for women or men and 5% Minoxidil for men. Each are prepackaged for easy in‑home use and includes:

  • Scalp Therapy Cleansing Treatment
  • Balancing Treatment Shampoo (Sulfate Free)
  • Stabilizing Body Conditioning Treatment (Sulfate Free)
  • Inter-Balance Complex
AnaGizeSingleBox - Anagize Gemtress hair design for women