Synthetic Wig Care Maintenance

  1. Brush your synthetic prosthesis gently using our recommended brush, which was designed for synthetic fiber.
  2. Fill a basin with cold water (never use hot, warm or lukewarm water).
  3. Place two capfuls of La Gem Turquoise Clarifying Shampoo in the water and mix gently, being careful to keep foam bubbles to a minimum.
  4. Place the prosthesis into the basin and soak for 30 minutes. Do not swirl, scrub or brush the prosthesis while wet.
  5. Replace water in basin, submerge synthetic prosthesis repeatedly until totally rinsed. Blot dry your synthetic prosthesis with a dry towel; do not squeeze or twist the prosthesis.
  6. Place your prosthesis on a mannequin or styling block.
  7. Mist your synthetic prosthesis generously with La Gem Turquoise Kinetic Conditioning.
  8. Use your fingers to gently position the fiber into the desired style and proceed to let air dry completely (approximately 2 hours). Do not use a brush until totally dry and never use a blower (hot or cold).
  9. When your synthetic prosthesis is totally dry, proceed to gently brush into finalized style, etc.

Caution: Wash your synthetic prosthesis as little as possible. Do not use a hair dryer or curling iron. Protect your synthetic prosthesis from heat when cooking, as your synthetic prosthesis has been pre-styled during manufacturing. This fiber cannot be colored or toned, etc. La Gem hair care products have been specially formulated for synthetic fiber. We strongly recommend not using typical hair products for your synthetic prosthesis, as it voids the warranty.

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