Ruby E31 Set II 56 - Ruby Gemtress hair design for women


Integration hair enhancements are designed for the woman with diffused or excessive hair loss throughout the entire scalp area. This design allows you the option of integrating the client's existing...

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Radiance thumb - Radiance Gemtress hair design for women


Natural swing and balance. Lightweight and meticulously handcrafted with 10" hair length. The Radiance enhancement, with natural lace front, blends invisibly into you own hairline with no sacrifice of versatility...

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Zoe for Gemtress


Zoe is a beautifully designed 8" x 10" top‑of‑head with two ¾" cut–a–way polyurethane coated bands providing two additional sizes (8" x 8½" and 8" x 7") for optimal versatility....

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Simone thumb - Simone Gemtress hair design for women


Gemtress addresses the sensitive subject of children’s medical hair loss by offering petite wigs that are ideal for children, pre-teens and young adults who experience hair loss. The Simone is...

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Alicia 1 - Alicia Gemtress hair design for women


Alicia is a full cap that features 14″ 100% Remy human hair handcrafted with our famous Gemtress hallmark of superior workmanship and the best materials available along with attention to...

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Solitaire by Gemtress


Solitaire is a full cap designed for full coverage. The Solitaire offers a short, business look and is created with non-slip materials for added secure fit....

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tiara - Tiara Gemtress hair design for women


Natural and free flowing, the Tiara Closure is used to add coverage and fullness to the top and front and lower crown areas. The lightweight base construction is easy to...

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Splendor - Splendor Gemtress hair design for women


Splendor has a natural skin tone area on the front and top areas providing a very versatile design - a natural beauty with lots of possibilities. A full cap enhancement...

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Diamond E31 26 CMYK - Diamond Gemtress hair design for women


The Diamond is your best answer for your client with diffused hair loss and utilizing her existing front hairline. It is handmade to allow your client's hair to flow through...

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Aqua - Aqua Gemtress hair design for women


The Aqua was designed for the woman with thinning hair in the front, top and crown area wanting a design that will seamlessly blend in with her own hair in...

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